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A recent development in this range was the introduction of natural seaweed ingredients mixed with Dead Sea salts and mud.
Cleansing Bar

Pure mineral-rich Cleansing Bar removes impurities and conditions the skin. Contains no detergents or chemicals. Can be used on face or body to neutralise and balance skin pH. Apply Rich Moisturiser or Silky Smooth Body Lotion after use.
Gentle Cleansing Facial Wash

To clean and freshen the skin. This cleansing wash is a special blend of natural ingredients that gently cleanse the skin and fight bacteria. The rich lather penetrates and removes deep-seated impurities. It should be used daily to prevent the appearance of blemishes.
Mineral-Rich Moisturiser

Light and non-greasy formulation to nourish and protect the skin. Helps correct moisture balance. Excellent as under make-up base.
Mild Exfoliant

Gently removes dead skin cells to clear and revitalise the complexion. Brightens and invigorates the skin.
Super Night Cream

Nightly application for face, moisturising while you sleep. Enriched formula to give extra nourishment to dehydrated skin. Can be used during the day for excessively dry skin.
Mud Mask

Promotes healthy looking complexion by mineral hydrating action. The stimulation will add a healthy glow to your skin, making it feel and look smoother. Helps remove deep-seated impurities and smooth facial lines.
Delicate Boosting Mask

An instant skin booster that nourishes, invigorates and revitalises the skin. A creamy mask which contains pure Dead Sea Mud in a gentle formulation and shows immediate and remarkable results on all skin types. Gently cleanses and removes impurities, giving the skin a fresh, healthy glow.
Black Mud Soap

Recommended for problem skins that can't tolerate conventional soaps. Contains 100% pure Dead Sea Mud to balance skin pH. Fragrance free. Does not contain animal fats. Can be used on face and body.


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