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 silhouette products

Super hold ultimate styling support = black:  Strong hold strong styling support = orange
Flexible hold  flexible styling support = white
Strong hold compact hairspray

The Silhouette Compact Spray is small in size but big in content. 400ml provides you with as many applications as usually found in a 800ml hairspray.
Feel the difference
Ultra convenient new hairspray format.
Twice as many applications as a normal hairspray.
Extra-quick drying.
Spray distance regulates the hold.
Super hold lacquer - Finish with perfection

Provides super strong hold and a natural shine.
Feel the difference
Micro-fine distributor with spray cap.
Gives the hair a natural shine.
Quick drying.
Does not fuse the hair together.
Brushes out easily.
Immediate fixation, long-lasting hold.
Super hold mousse - style with versatility

Deep reconstruction enhances vitality and radiance in an instant.
Feel the difference
Long-lasting micro-fine foam.
Maximum volume.
Provides bounce and hold.
Gives a superb finish.
Super hold setting lotion - style with versatility

Provides super hold while maintaining great shine with bounce and vitality.
Feel the difference
Conditioning and anti-static formula provides an extra smooth finish.
Quick-drying super hold.
Provides bounce and vitality.
Modern and classic roller styling.
Super hold pumpspray  - finish with perfection

Provides super hold, while maintaining great shine and vitality.
Feel the difference
Aerosol-free hairspray alternative.
Provides even distribution, without stickiness.
Upholds creative and freehand styling.

Super hold gel - style with versatility

Provides super hold for moulding and structuring, while maintaining great shine and definition. Silhouette Super Hold formulation with micro-fine film formers provides long-lasting, but invisible, strong hold.
Feel the difference
Pure formula with improved consistency.
Excellent for moulding and structuring.
Provides super hold texture and definition.
Creates long-lasting style.

Super hold hairspray - finish with perfection

Provides super hold while maintaining great shine and vitality.
Feel the difference
Original micro-fine hairspray.
Guarantees ultimate super hold.
Provides a long hold finish.
Styling support without overburdening the hair.

Colour brilliance hairspray - style with versatility

New micro-fine hairspray with nurturing Vitamin Complex for coloured hair.
Super hold and colour richness.
Feel the difference
UV filter for colour protection.
Maximum control.
Light and even coverage.
Quick drying.
Vitamin Complex visibly enhances shine.


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